How To Use Stretching Pallet Wrap Effectively

Using and stretching pallet wrap effectively requires a bit of technique to ensure that your load is properly secured. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use and stretch pallet wrap:

Prepare the Pallet: As mentioned earlier, make sure the items on the pallet are stacked evenly and securely. Ensure there are no overhangs or loose items that could shift during transportation.

Select the Right Stretch Film: Choose the appropriate type and size of stretch film depending on the weight and dimensions of your load. Thicker films are suitable for heavier loads, while lighter films work well for lighter loads.

Secure the End: Begin by securing the end of the film to the pallet. You can do this by tucking the film under a corner of the pallet or using a built-in film brake on the dispenser.

Start at the Bottom: Start wrapping the pallet at the bottom. Hold the film with one hand and use the other hand to apply tension to the film as you wrap it around the base of the pallet. Make sure to overlap each layer by 50% to 70%.

Apply Tension: As you continue wrapping, apply tension to the film by pulling it slightly. Stretching the film activates its elastic properties, which helps to secure the load tightly. Be careful not to overstretch the film, as it can tear or lose its effectiveness.

Work Your Way Up: Gradually work your way up the pallet, wrapping each layer tightly and overlapping the previous layer. Keep applying tension to the film to ensure a snug fit around the load.

Wrap the Top: Once you’ve wrapped the entire pallet, make sure to also wrap the top portion thoroughly. This helps to protect the contents from dust, moisture, and tampering.

Use a Dispenser: Consider using a stretch film dispenser to make the wrapping process easier and more efficient. Dispensers typically have handles that allow you to apply tension to the film while wrapping, as well as built-in brakes and cutting blades for convenience.

Secure the End: When you’ve finished wrapping the pallet, secure the end of the film by tucking it under a layer or using the built-in film brake on the dispenser. Trim any excess film if necessary.

Inspect the Wrap: After wrapping, inspect the pallet to ensure that the film is applied evenly and securely. Pay attention to any areas that may need additional reinforcement.

By following these steps and practicing proper technique, you can effectively use and stretch pallet wrap to secure your loads for shipping and storage.